Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fun Facts

  • I graduated from CalArts in May 2014
  • My three years at CalArts were the worst years of my life
  • I'm working on an animated adaptation of my tiny book "There's a monster behind the shower curtain."
  • Hopefully eventually soon-ish I will have my tiny books on sale somewhere
  • I'm working on something else with nice people, but I can't tell you
  • I interned at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival from May 20-Aug 28, 2014
  • Interning at Jacob's Pillow was the loveliest thing; that place is beautiful and magical
  • Dance is great
  • I wish I were a dancer
  • I killed a wasp this summer
  • I am now working at YoungArts (in Miami, FL) full-time, doing all their Social Media, among other things
  • I like YoungArts
  • I miss my best friend Ambar Navarro from CalArts
  • I interviewed Ben Folds the other day
  • Camille A. Brown's production, "Mr. TOL E. RAncE", which I collaborated on, won for Outstanding Production at The Bessies (dance awards) this month
  • "I met a robot at a ballet once." screened at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival this month
  • "i" screened in my home country this summer for Anima Mundi
  • I commute 2+ hours a day
  • Miami knows nothing about bubble (boba) tea
  • I hadn't blogged since almost a year ago
  • Whoops

My cell phone attempts to capture the beauty of Jacob's Pillow; it does not succeed.