Sunday, November 30, 2014

What would it be like to be inside a lemon?

(A prompt I had to answer in 8th grade art class.)

To be inside of a lemon would smell good, be hard to move, and dark.

First, it would probably smell good to be inside a lemon. Normally, air fresheners are made to smell like fruits, sometimes lemons, so it would smell good, until, of course, the lemon gets rotten.

Second, it would be hard to move around. How would you get inside it? And if you did, you'd have to make a hollow area for yourself. Then, when you start moving around you'll squeeze juice into your eye, and that would hurt.

Finally, it would be dark. If you were inside a lemon, you'd be closed in without any light.

So, if you somehow managed to get yourself inside a lemon, it would smell good, be hard to move around, and it would be dark.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fun Facts

  • I graduated from CalArts in May 2014
  • My three years at CalArts were the worst years of my life
  • I'm working on an animated adaptation of my tiny book "There's a monster behind the shower curtain."
  • Hopefully eventually soon-ish I will have my tiny books on sale somewhere
  • I'm working on something else with nice people, but I can't tell you
  • I interned at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival from May 20-Aug 28, 2014
  • Interning at Jacob's Pillow was the loveliest thing; that place is beautiful and magical
  • Dance is great
  • I wish I were a dancer
  • I killed a wasp this summer
  • I am now working at YoungArts (in Miami, FL) full-time, doing all their Social Media, among other things
  • I like YoungArts
  • I miss my best friend Ambar Navarro from CalArts
  • I interviewed Ben Folds the other day
  • Camille A. Brown's production, "Mr. TOL E. RAncE", which I collaborated on, won for Outstanding Production at The Bessies (dance awards) this month
  • "I met a robot at a ballet once." screened at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival this month
  • "i" screened in my home country this summer for Anima Mundi
  • I commute 2+ hours a day
  • Miami knows nothing about bubble (boba) tea
  • I hadn't blogged since almost a year ago
  • Whoops

My cell phone attempts to capture the beauty of Jacob's Pillow; it does not succeed.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Look, It's 2014

I'm finally settled in at CalArts after a fun but crazy winter break doing a lot of fun stuff with YoungArts. And thanks to my being nerdy in high school and taking a lot of AP classes, this is actually my sixth and final semester of college. Yay, graduation in 4 months!

Last semester ended on a pretty cool project for a creative writing course here called Literary Citizenship: Tiny Press Practices. It made me feel good about the possibilities in being an artist for my own sake, and I got a chance to self-publish my first book.

It's a small, hand-sewn 2.5" x 2" book with a balsa wood cover. The story is entitled "There's a monster behind the shower curtain." and it's a sort of metaphysical tale about a girl who befriends the monster that haunts her bathroom at night, and learns how to deal with the inexpressible things in life. 

I made a run of about 40 books, but I want to alter the layout and design a little bit and do another run of 50, and possibly sell them via Etsy or the likes. (But I also like giving them as gifts.)