Friday, February 1, 2013


Enough of the poetry (although this girl at the YoungArts writers' reading rocked my world). I suppose it's time for a real update!

Where did I leave off?

Well, let's just share that recently I got to do a lot of work with YoungArts, and it's been absolutely wonderful, from this self-interview, to this design, to the video that precedes Debbie Allen's acceptance speech at the 2013 YoungArts Week Gala, and the animation below. And of course, things like averaging survey data, logging event footage, and stamping envelopes. There's something fantastic about doing "normal" work, you know? I still have big hopes and dreams somewhere in me, but I like being in the world this way for a change, doing small tasks but still with this very nice purpose to it all.

 Anyway, next week is YoungArts LA! Very excited for it, particularly because Ted Ty is going to be there doing a masterclass. To me, that's the coolest and most inspiring combination 'round town.

These days I'm just attending school as usual, still tweaking a thing or two for Camille A. Brown's show MR. TOL E. RanCE (check out these upcoming show dates!), and wondering the meaning of life and what it is I live for. Simple things.

Speaking of simple, I also got really carried away making tiny sculpey friends. Most of them I put magnets on so they can be fridge magnets, and then I gave them away to friends.

Lastly, I turned that earlier .gif into a .mov and added music and ambiance.

I Like The Way You Move from Isabela Dos Santos on Vimeo.

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